Anadia Wedding Garden

Project location:  Anadia, Portugal
Project year: 2011

Garden in Anadia was supposed to host traditional Portuguese wedding parties. We have chosen the romantic style of the garden because the wedding party is supposed to be kept in the atmosphere
of romance. Natural shapes and lines are typical for English landscape parks. We were not afraid of curvy lines here, though some of the shapes must be geometrical for creating a connection with the solid shape of the main building.

The design corresponds with the landform and shapes of contour lines. There are two communication systems in the garden that interweave with each other :
– natural – water streams, waterfalls, that meet together in the lake,
– human – network of boardwalks, terraces, that are leading to different “rooms”, (program zones of the garden)
It creates a nice atmosphere of mystery and connection with nature. They are concentrating around the main building. The height of the terraces was designed so that all the viewing potentials are used. The views generally concentrate on the lake and its surrounding.
As normally the wedding parties last till the late-night hours, the garden needs a nice advanced lighting system. It has a great potential to look beautifully during the night!