Project location: Edinburgh, UK
Project year: 2008

Galolee area of Edinburgh is situated on a quite a steep hillside. As you can guess the project and work in this garden was not easy. Practically the whole area of the garden was located on a muddy steep slope. After liquidating the existing terraces, it was discovered that the interior of the hill exudes a mountain stream, which made the task even harder. After installing drainage problems disappeared and the garden began to look better and better.

Starting from the patio at the entrance of the house the gravel path led to the top of the garden, up to the wooden platform mounted several meters higher, at the top. The view from there overlooked not only the colorful garden at the bottom, but also on the skyline of Edinburgh. The success of this garden can best be described by the client’s satisfaction!

Design credits – Dugal McLeod, project realized during the landscape architecture internship with Agnieszka Anna Olszewska.