Oasis in the city center

Project location: Porto, PT
Project year: 2015

The property located in Porto, covers 400 m2 and is positioned on the north-south direction.

The property, built in 1918, has a rectangular shape and consists of a house with two floors and a narrow garden divided into two parts: a small garden in front and a bigger backyard. The two parts of the garden are connected by the interior of the house and also the narrow corridor outside. The whole garden is surrounded by a thick stone wall.

The design concept was to create a calm and beautiful refuge with a dominant water system for the four family members: a couple with two young daughters. The garden would be an affordable and imaginative place for children to play and spend time in the open air, and for adults, a serene and relaxing place that brings memories of several trips to remote lands. Must serve all year for meetings with family and friends. The big challenge was finding space to park two large cars inside the property without changing the structure and without tying the view to the vehicles.

Our team managed to come up with a proposal that matches perfectly with all the family’s needs. We created the area of water at the end of the garden (with greater sun exposure) with a pool 5X2,5 m and a jacquzzi. Both are built on wooden deck that gently combines the bathroom and lounge areas. The existing garage (too small for the family cars) and the Annexes have been transformed into a BBQ area with sofas and a lightweight, convertible bamboo roof. This solution provides a shade during the hot summer days and a warm place with fireplace during the cold and rainy winter days. The multi-functionality was the main goal of the project. The space can be easily adjusted to the number of visitors, the weather and the mood of the user (in terms of decoration).

The planting plan consists of perennials with architectural. A green wall has been proposed a higher wall and also around the lounge. Three high palm trees (Washingtonia robusta) were planted on the edge of the parking area for a car, while making a visual division from the neighboring property. The other car will be parked in front of the house, which will also have a green character. To ensure a durable lawn, we use the grassed system ‘netlon’ the strongest system available.