Private garden Stanislawow

Project location: Stanisławów, Poland
Project year: 2016

The concept for this family garden is based on mild forms, and curves. The dominant feature of the composition is a decorative gazebo with a bbq and smokehouse, and an additional patio overlooking the terrace against the house.

Arbor leads to a stone path, which further connects the gate located in the north-eastern part of the plot. The second marked path connects to the stone terrace of the cottage house.

Around the arbor, on the north side we proposed some conifers and lavender to be planted, while the south side there are pots with perennials, annuals and grasses, between which you can freely move.

In the garden on the south side we used evergreen vegetation, which screens the garden from the street. In a semi-circle we used a white gravel as a ground cover, it is a contrast to the green conifers and boxwood. There is a curved plants’ bed with formed conifers in fancy shapes, small trees and shrubs beautifully decolouring in the autumn (azaleas, jasmine, magnolias, lilies and decorative perennials).

We suggested a thick hedge of Thuyas sourrounding the lot, which are the dark bacground in contract to lighter elements of the garden. To spice up the monotony of tree rows we introduced two semicircle beds. In the first, visible from the windows of the house we proposed a composition of conifers, trees, shrubs, and grasses.

The second semi-circle located in the western part of the plot has formed trees and shrubs. Proposed plants are mostly evergreen. Therefore garden does not require intensive care, but the lawn care will be necessary.