iPolis Smart City

Project location: Alleroed, Denmark
Project year: 2011
EUROPAN Competition | Authors: Agnieszka Olszewska, Arq. Mario Jorge Sousa Henriques, Bruno Ferreira

The speed of life and changes around our civilization are not always followed by evolution of urban systems. Needs and expectations contemporarily pronounced by society are significantly contrasting with what existing urban design have to offer. The idea of Smart City has been conducted around design for social innovation , sustainability and creation a space for developing creative urban lifestyles.

Aim of the project was creating a strong connection between designed residential structure with a landscape. The surroundings of the project site has mostly agricultural character. (…) Fields are shaping an irregular colorful pattern of geometrical figures. This pattern was an inspiration for designers of iPolis. Irregular shapes which actually create a decent order, was a foundation of the concept of Smart City.

The output is an example of how important and beneficial the cooperation between architects and landscape architects can be. The design was prepared for an international architecture and urbanism contest Europan 2011. 

iPolis - Smart City