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environmental analyzes



      – Complex technical elaboration the fire-protection belts along the rail-tracks, providing the administrative decisions for removing trees from lots
      belonging to private owners or to National Forests, developing the necessary technical and geodesic documentation.

      Investor: Polish Rails (PKP PLK S.A), area: 90 km of rail-tracks (~135 ha).

    – Evaluation of the trees fitosanitary condition and establishing their detailed maintenance plan

    Investor: Ministry of Administration (MSW), area: 50 ha

    – Detailed inventory of trees and shubs growing on the area of the rafinery PKN Orlen, together with the removal request
    Investor: Polish Rafineries (PKN ORLEN Sp.Z.o.o), area: 10 ha

    – Trees and shrubs invenoty, dz.ew.17 ob.5-05-09,

    Investor: National Research Center (OPI), area: 5 ha





    – Inventory of the greenery existing on the National Memorial Place in Pecice (dz.ew.641 w Pecicach), geenery management plan, and providing the realization decision form the local Historical Restoration Officer

    Investor: Municipality of Michalowice, area: 5 ha



    – Evaluation about the environmental value with valuation of existing trees (lot 20/20), Zaklad Produkcyjny w Plocku.

    Investor: Polish Rafineries (PKN ORLEN Sp.Z.o.o), area: 10 ha




    – Trees and shrubs inventory on the foreground on the brown coal mine in Bogatynia;


    Investor: PGE-KWB Turów S.A, area: 600 ha



    – Trees and shrubs inventory (lot 6/8 ob.07-18), Wisniowa Góra;


    Investor: private, area: 2 ha