Nature & Structure

Project location: Rybnik, Poland
Project year: 2016

The main idea for this competition project was to create a friendly and attractive public space intended for recreation and relaxation of occupants and visitors. It emphasizes on innovative solutions that will improve the functional and aesthetic qualities of land development, while bearing in mind the current conditions and aesthetics of the area.

The area is intended to host temporary outdoor events (concerts, festivals), but the area must be equally attractive every day for a smaller group of visitors and residents. Design challenge was to adapt the site for both the crowd during concerts as well as for everyday users, mainly in terms of scale and used material solutions.

Land development is to be adapted for leisure, recreation and sport. One of the objectives of the program is to create an outdoor gym (‚Paker Square’). It is also planned to introduce the curvy path with ramps for skaters and skateboarders.

Paths surrounding the area of ​​development are suitable for both walking and cycling tours there are also two parking lots for bicycles. The whole area is suitable for use by people with disabilities, especially for people in wheelchairs.

Not to forget about the youngest users of this space we proposed some modern interactive audio devices positioned at various points in the area, that enable a ‚telephone’ games or listening to the sounds from the otehr side of the square.

In the eastern part of the area we designed a gentle embankment in an organic form, which can be used in winter for sledging, while in the summer as an observation point. It also is an element that differentiates the terrain and a closing of the view.

Whole area is peppered with bins, informal seating in the form of concrete cubes and picnic areas with tables. These places are suitable for all ages, are surrounded by greenery and encourage to spend time outdoors. Moreover, during outdoor events it will be easy to find a seat so as to be able to watch the scene.

In the project the nature and structure juxtaposed, penetrating each other and undergoing constant change: in daily, seasonal and perennial cycles. The fact that sometimes natural, sometimes structure will dominate the space makes it more alive and dynamic.