Warsaw suburban garden

Project location: Warszawa, Poland
Project year: 2012

Garden is located on the former floodplain of the Vistula River in Warsaw. Nowadays the grounds here are drained and quickly converted into a high-end housing estate. This garden is one of several dozen in this neighbourhood, although it has the largest area, approx. 600 square meters. Owners mainly concerned about separating themselves from the neighbours – in this purpose, high hedges of Hemlock were suggested, which is a modern and aesthetic response to the Thujas that do not do so well in the Polish climate.

To break the monotony of the rectangles designated by the developer of gardens rectangles, we have applied a diagonal composition. The uniqueness of the garden design emphasizes the asymmetrical terrace built with 3 different types of surfaces. Regular plantings and original design illumination complete the surprising nature of the garden. We look forward to more pictures from the realization!